Jeweled Lace - BEANILE

BEANILE is an original art form rooted in the old,
traditional crafts of knotting and beading.
It rediscovers and explores the basic features of both:
- beads have to be threaded to become a decoration,
- knots hold and arrange beads into ornamental compositions.
- These arrangements become one of a kind jewelry and accessories.

It all started in mid 1980s in St.Petersburg, Russia (former Leningrad, USSR)
when a group of enthusistic fiber artists decided to revive tatting.
In the processs one of these fiber artists Nina Libin looking for a method
to create a lace-like beadwork, has realised that tatting is a perfect technique to organize beads
into sparkling lace or use knots and tatting patterns to hold beads in open beadwork.

Within months the 'bead-knot' composition evolved
as a new art form - BEANILE.

Thirty years later there is a large collection of jewelry and accessories
in BEANILE Lace and the library of books and patterns on the subject.

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