Tutorials & Patterns

I. The first tutorial is for needle tatters interested in beads.
It includes step-by-step instructions on how to needle tat
BEANILE patterns with beads on knotting and core threads.

Use all the projects in the tutorial and on this page to practice.
For more patterns to practice this method see book #19,
the second book in Essential Bead Tatting Series.

II. Another tutorial for needle tatters
introduces Beaded Split Rings and guides you step-by-step
through the project to try the technique hand on.
The tutorial also helps you to get familiar and get accustomed to
the new/special notation for Needle Tatted Beaded Split Rings.
For more patterns see book #21 and book #22.

III. The third tutorial on PULLED LOOP Join contains
helpful instructions on old bridging technique used in ONE-shuttle tatting.
The technique has found new application in bead tatting.
There are more patterns in book #6 ONE Shuttle, Lots of Beads
and in book #14 Assorted Rings.

There are instructions for both tatting techniques and an interesting tip for needle tatters
how to alternate beading and tatting needles. It is not as difficult as it sounds and
may be a familiar method to you if you tried the projects in the first tutorial.

Projects with PULLED LOOP Join


Ayr Earrings

Blue Earrings

IV. The fourth - SWIRL Join tutorial
shows the way to connect 3 - 6 separate elements in one move
resulting in a small decorative rosette as a join.
This join is one of my few additions to the beautiful Art of Knotted Lace
first published in 1998 book Techniques of BEANILE Lace.

The tutorial includes the project with multiple SWIRL Joins;
try also three patterns below to see how it works.

Projects to practice SWIRL Join

Top Button


Snow Princess

Introductory Projects

Pearl tatted bracelet designed for August meetup.

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