Intermediate level project for TWO shuttles and about 300 beads size 15.
Needle tatters welcome thanks to Bonnie Swank
who has adjusted the pattern for needle tatting.

If you are new to Bead Tatting BEANILE style you will learn how to
use Metallic thread and handle a dozen or more beads on your left-hand loop
and much more beads on the shuttles.

Available colors of beads and thread:

Iris Green beads
on Golden thread.

Light Blue beads
on Silver thread.

Iris Red Beads
on Silver thread.

Dark Red Beads
on Gold thread.

$25 kits for the project are available by request.
A kit includes:
- printed pattern and instructions,
- seed beads already on 3-ply metallic thread,
- either a regular metallic chain or
- supplies for tatted neck chain, see the pictures.
Please specify the kind of neck chain you want.

If you are ordering a kit
please let me know
what color combination you prefer. Write to

You are very welcome to use your own supplies;
in this case contact me for stringing instructions.


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