Classes in Manhattan

A wonderful place has opened at 949 Amsterdam Avenue in New York City.

Visit Skill Mill NYC to express your creativity and/or learn new skills.

Among other interesting and unusual events there will be:

TATTING - Antique Knotted Lace.

The beginner's course is 6-12 hours (3-6 two-hour sessions),
depending on your progress and time to practice at home.

See details here:


Rings, Chains, Decorative Picots, and more

Floating Rings & SWIRL Join

Another kind of TATTING class will be:

an introdiction to open beadwork known as


Knotting Beads into Lace & more Jewelry

Three sessions on Jewelry

The complete course (eight jewelry projects) is 6-14 hours (3-7 two-hour sessions).

Those who know the basics of shuttle or needle tatting and
are interested in specific jewelry projects
can register for one or a few select sessions in this course

If you have questions or want to try it hands on,
step by any Saturday afternoon (3-5 pm) at
Skill Mill NYC, 949 Amsterdam Ave. between W106th and W107th streets.

Evening classes on weekdays are by registration only;
depending on your schedule the 2-hour class can start at 5 pm or at 6 pm.

For details and with questions you can reach me
by e-mail:

With questions on price, schedule and to register for a class
contact Skill Mill NYC

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