Jewelry Set

An Intermediate Level Project for ONE shuttle,
seed beads size 11, fresh-water-pearls, and metallic thread.

No preparation is necessary but you have to be comfortable with the double stitch.
You will learn how to use Metallic thread and how to handle tiny beads on shuttle and ball threads.

Kits for the project are available by request.
A kit includes: printed pattern and instructions,
seed beads and fr-w-pearls already on 3-ply Metallic thread,
ear wire, bracelet clasp, and beading needle to hide the tails inside beads.

Light silver seed beads
pink fr-w-pearls,
silver thread.

Available colors:
Silver seed beads and pink fr-w-pearls on silver thread
you see on the picture or dark gold seed beads, dark fr-w-pearls on golden thread.
Ordering a kit please let me know
if you want light with silver or dark with gold.

Contact me for stringing instructions
if you want to use your own supplies.


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