ASR Half Necklace

Advanced level project for TWO shuttles and a lot of beads.
The necklace was designed to demonstrate and practice
the possibilities of Beaded Asymmetric Split Rings.
Needle tatters welcome thanks to Bonnie Swank
who has co-authored Beaded Split Ring Tutorial
for 'Lace of Beads' publication #21.

Navy blue beads
on Silver thread.

Red beads
on Gold thread.

For additional available colors of beads
on gold or silver thread
see pictures on Earrings page.

$20 kits for the project are available by request.
A kit includes: printed pattern and instructions,
seed beads already on 3-ply metallic thread,
a regular metallic chain or supplies for tatted neck chain.

If you are ordering a kit please please let me know
the color of beads and thread,
and kind of neck chain you want.

You are very welcome to use your own supplies;
in this case contact me for stringing instructions.


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